Smart TV application development

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As 21st century and new generation continue to cut the wired television and adopt services like Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu and Sling TV, more content is delivered through applications for Smart TVs these days . Whether you’re creating for the Apple TV, Roku or some other Smart TV platform, Our design team needs to understand how to optimize your product for a 10-foot viewing experience. Like mobile, it’s imperative that you create an intuitive user experience when you design and build your Smart TV application

Not every software product needs a Smart TV app. You should consider building a Smart TV app if your product fits into one of these three core use cases. Smart TV apps targeting consumers create rich experiences for consuming media content such as movies, images and music. Business applications built for Smart TVs enable professionals to communicate via video conference and deliver persuasive presentations. Touch enabled Smart TVs enable customers of retailers and visitors of large buildings and venues to interact with content without requiring them to download a mobile app.

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